Benefits of Bananas for Body Health and Digestion

Ripe bananas are very delicious to eat. Behind the sweet taste, bananas also contain nutrients that are good for health. The benefits of a variety of bananas can easily be obtained by consuming them regularly. So much good is contained in a banana, nutrients contained in a banana include carbohydrates, protein, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber, potassium (potassium), and magnesium. With its various nutritional content, there are also many benefits of bananas that can be obtained by the body. Benefits of Bananas for Body Health The following are a series of banana health benefits for your body. As a good source of energy when physical activity or sports. Helps muscles move well. Helps regulate heart rate, blood pressure, and maintain heart health. Bananas can also help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Ward off the effects of damage to cells and body tissues, the benefits of this one banana are related to the antioxidant content of banana
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